Sustainability and Innovation

The Portuguese textile industry is internationally recognised for its degree of development, leveraged by the strong investment made in innovation over decades, as well as for sustainable production quality.

The investment in digital transition combined with the training of professionals in the sector allows for the creation of a competitive ecosystem with a strong focus on quality, the perfect natural habitat for Performance by HM, which has always favoured efficient work and cooperation methodologies for the success of its clients.

Textiles are present in the daily life of all societies and their impact on the environment has made urgent action necessary. In the EU, textile consumption is the fourth largest impact factor on the environment and climate change.

Performance By HM is committed to being part of a responsible collective, contributing to the creation of a more environmentally friendly society with the use of sustainable and recycled raw materials. Change is a difficult process, but with attentive and receptive clients and suppliers, we can arrive at a greener production chain.

Sustainable textiles

Aware that we must all care for the planet and of the need to make a change, we strive to be, at each step, more responsible and transparent regarding the environmental impact of our operations.

Our suppliers and partners play an important role in how we deal with the need to reduce our environmental footprint.

Over the years, we have been changing our practices to maintain a more ethical and sustainable production:

  • Compliance with EU directives;
  • Use of sustainable materials such as organic and recycled fibres;
  • Certifications and Articles of Association: ISO 9001,GOTS; OEKO-TEX; GRS; OCS 100; SA8000; SMETA
  • Recycling and reducing the use of plastics;
  • The leftover knits are used as raw materials by other industries.

A message to our partners
and suppliers

It is important for companies that are part of the PERFORMANCE BY HM world to understand the importance of innovation and sustainability for their future, as these practices are fundamental for success to be guaranteed.

Companies that adopt innovation and sustainability practices gain a competitive advantage and contribute to a better future for their clients, employees and the environment.